12th April, 2021

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Ongoing results of Weed Demo days
Machinery Maintenance

Kevin Ratsch of Machinery Maintenance demonstrated the Bezzerides Spring Hoe Weeder and the Perfect Vineyard Mower. The Bezzerides Spring Hoe Weeder is designed to travel below the surface of the soil loosening and uprooting weeds. The Perfect Vineyard Mower (carried by two front wheels and a rear roller for maximum stability) cuts the mid row grass at a height adjustable from 4 - 10cm. Theoretically, by attaching both implements at the same time, it is possible in one pass to weed and slash thereby saving time and money. Whilst the Bezzerides has an excellent reputation in vineyards with sandy soils, the heavier clays of the Ancient River vineyard didn't allow the hoe to perform at is peak. The Perfect Vineyard Mower, on the other hand, showed that it is possible to keep weeds down in the vine row using a no-till method that also presents organic matter in the form of mulched clippings from both the vine and mid row matter.

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