12th April, 2021

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Electrifying Research

...Worker productivity is an issue that has been thrown into sharp relief in recent times due to an apparently increasing lack of available skilled people. This lack of personnel has prompted calls for, amongst other things, government consideration of an international Guest Worker scheme whereby skilled seasonal workers might be brought in for picking and pruning seasons. While such schemes may be of assistance, it is suggested that consideration should also be given to exploring ways and means of increasing the productivity of existing workers. The growth in the range of electronically powered secateurs available and the improvements which have been made in recent times to such things as power to weight ratios, flexibility of operation and length of operating time has lead to the grape-growing industry becoming more interested in considering this type of equipment. Given there has been a paucity of independent, objective analysis of the likely impact on productivity of the new generation of electronic secateurs, a trial was arranged at the Ancient River vineyard. The trial consisted of introducing six units of electronic secateurs to a gang of nine pruners experienced in pruning vineyards using manual tools with the objective of measuring the effect on productivity. The marketers of Electrocoup, Felco and Pellenc loaned two units each of electronic secateurs...

These are the opening lines of a detailed analysis of electronic secateurs in the vineyard.

The complete report is available here (right click to save to disk)
Ancient River pruning
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