12th April, 2021

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Having spent considerable time studying literature and reports on viticulture practices on his way to a Master of Wine Technology and Marketing, Laurie Martin found it highly frustrating that rarely was information given in specific, actionable terms. To remedy that situation in part, this website has been set up to provide information that not only discusses problems and opportunities but also spells out the steps taken to address them. On this site you will find commercial answers that are played out in the real world of a commercial vineyard where the results are finally measured in dollars and cents. Climate, soils, water are all factors that define every vineyard as being unique and so there is no simple solution that fits every case. However, by us detailing these factors as they exist at Ancient River and using commercially available products and services in addressing problems and opportunities, you will be able to draw your own conclusions about how relevant these solutions are to your own circumstances. If you have any comments to share or areas you would like us to investigate, please take the time to contact us – we welcome the opportunity to keep this website as useful as possible to wine growers wherever you may be.



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